02) SF6 Basics NEW as from February 2024
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SF6 Basics

02) SF6 Basics NEW as from February 2024


What is sulphur hexafluoride? What effects does this special gas have on the environment? And what needs to be taken into consideration when analysing, handling and disposing of this gas? These and many other questions are answered in detail in our multimedia SF6 Basics course. Gain confidence in handling sulphur hexafluoride. You will acquire profound knowledge to incorporate what you have learned into your everyday work. Get well familiar with SF6 and actively contribute to climate protection through the knowledge you have gained.

Why this course:

By participating in the SF6 Basics course, you will build up profound expertise on sulphur hexafluoride. You will learn what is important and correct in this context and can integrate the knowledge you have gained into your everyday work. You will consolidate and deepen what you have learned by means of knowledge checks and receive a personalised certificate of participation after successful completion.

Target groups:

  • Operators of SF6-filled equipment
  • New employees and returners in the field of SF6 handling
  • New and former participants in SF6 certification training courses

Inhalt der Kursreihe

  • Learn all about SF 6 gas and where it is used, what impact SF 6 has on the greenhouse effect, which rules and regulations apply to the handling of SF 6 and what role moisture and air play with regard to the analysis of SF 6 gas
    • Kursmodul SF6 Basics Part 1

  • Do you know about the role which SO 2 , CF 4 and oil mist play for the analysis of SF 6 gas and which quality parameters can be determined with the help of multi measuring devices and single measuring devices? This unit will tell you all about it.
  • In this part, you will gain an understanding of what is essential for professional SF 6 gas handling, what standard functions an SF 6 service cart has and what must be taken into consideration when neutralising objects and protective equipment that came into contact with contaminated SF 6 gas and how to dispose of them properly after neutralisation.